How to quickly pass the maze: video hamster amused network

Як швидко пройти лабіринт: відео з хом'яком розвеселило мережу

Strange hamster

Users are unable to keep the laughter from a live hamster, which quickly overcame the maze created by the owner. Who said that Pets are the rules?

Platform Reddit user with the nickname unnaturalorder shared the epic video with the hamster, which is rapidly conquering the tops of the network. In 13 hours the entry was viewed over 74 thousand people, and even more thousands left comments.

And all because the owner of a small rodent created a small maze out of cardboard and decided to see how the pussy will look for a way out. However, the hamster his own method of solving such problems. Commentators joke that it therefore established a “glass roof” on the box with a maze to follow shocked by the animal.

via Gfycat

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