How to prepare the car for the summer: refueling the air conditioner and more

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Your comfort, the service life of your car's components and, more importantly, your driving safety directly depend on how regularly and you are servicing your vehicle correctly. Visit a car service or independently check the condition of the “iron” horse is necessary not only in case of unpleasant symptoms and not only in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations, but also during the change of season.

What should be checked before the summer months?

Stable warming, when the temperature does not drop below zero for several weeks in a row – a reason to conduct a comprehensive check-up. What to check or change?

  • Rubber
  • Air conditioning
  • Oil and filters
  • Washer fluid
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Battery

Changing tires

It is better to change tires a little in advance than it is required by the rules of the road. So you, at least, will not stand in queues at the service when everyone is going to “change shoes” en masse.

Driving in the warm season on winter tires is prohibited, since winter tires do not have optimal technical characteristics for hot roads and heated surfaces. In addition, winter tires will wear out quickly in summer.

Air Conditioning

One of the “traditional” nodes that experience an increased and regular load in the summer – it's an air conditioning system.

We recommend that you visit one of the Oiler services, which carry out diagnostics and refueling of car air conditioners. Specialists will not only check the availability of the required volume of technical fluids, but also make sure that the air conditioning system is tight and works in accordance with the specified parameters.

Oil and filters

Despite the fact that technically you can use winter oil in summer, it is still advisable to replace technical fluids with summer analogues. Especially if oil and filter changes are coming up, it's best not to exceed the recommended mileage limit.

Brakes and suspension

It's a good idea to check the condition of your suspension and braking system, especially if you planning long vacation trips. Of course, you should not postpone a trip to a car service if you have already noticed some alarming symptoms, strange sounds or uncharacteristic behavior of the car on the road.

June, but in advance, when the warm weather stabilizes. For example, in mid-April or early May – so you will most likely not fall into a period of high demand and seasonal price increases.

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