How to prepare for good luck in the new year?

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 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

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On New Year's Eve, we all wished each other and ourselves a good year. And they say the first rule of luck – is to set yourself up for an optimistic wave. The more we believe in good things, the more good things happen to us. Did you know that it is extremely easy to tune in to the positive?

Clearing the space

 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

They say that when you tidy your house, you also tidy your life. And by getting rid of unnecessary things, you make room for something new and good in your life. Therefore, we advise you to start the year with a general cleaning. Such that not only wipe the floors, but effective – throw away everything that you didn't use last year, wash the most inaccessible corners of the apartment, rub the glass to a shine and, of course, do not forget that the furniture also needs regular cleaning. If all this seems too complicated for you, then we can please you, recently a new THOMAS Vestfalia XT Ultra vacuum cleaner has appeared in Israel, the design of which is thought out to the smallest detail in order to make the cleaning process as comfortable as possible: it washes the floor, cleans carpets and upholstery of upholstered furniture, and, in addition, thanks to the innovative THOMAS AQUA-BOX water filter, it helps to purify the air in the room and remove allergens.

Relax and tune in to the best

 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

Physical relaxation and beauty treatments do wonders for our mood. Set up a home spa. Take a bath or hot shower and exfoliate afterwards: mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 2 tablespoons of SeboCalm Aloe Vera Gel. Sugar, gradually dissolving, will allow you to cleanse the skin and relax it. SeboCalm Aloe Vera Gel contains 99% aloe vera leaf extract to relieve irritation, soothe and hydrate the skin.

After peeling, apply SeboCalm Panthenol to still damp skin, it contains a whole range of skin-friendly ingredients. Together with panthenol, castor oil, shea butter and other soothing and moisturizing ingredients actively work in the formula. Panthenol hydrates, speeds up recovery and maintains healthy skin. Castor oil perfectly softens and accelerates the action of panthenol, enhancing the cosmetic effect.

Increasing self-confidence

 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

Remember the line from the song: “You're the queen, you have the right to any move”? A beautiful line from a beautiful song – anthem of femininity. Probably nothing gives a woman the opportunity to feel like a queen like beautiful underwear. And even if no one sees him today … But the shoulders straighten themselves, the gait becomes lighter and sexier, and the eyes begin to shine. And this is exactly the effect we want to achieve.

Jack Cuba – this is the lingerie that allows a woman to feel like a woman, sexy and beautiful, regardless of size and volume. It also contains admiration for body beauty, expressed through eroticism, multiplied by the smoothness of lines that repeat the outlines of the body. Exquisite sets emphasize the femininity and beauty of your forms. It gives that sense of harmony and freedom that is necessary to achieve success.

Tune in for success

 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

Go through your closet and throw out everything you don't wear. Everything, everything, and that blouse, which has been in the closet for the second season and you will not find any use for it. And those pants that are waiting for you to lose 5 kg. And even the dress that you wore on your first date and since then you have not tucked up equally worthy reasons to wear it. These are not clothes for a successful woman.

Go shopping at Crazy Line, their fashion is designed for real women who combine the desire to look good with an intense daily life – numerous responsibilities, worries and aspirations, who know how to dream and achieve their plans. Yes, and here you do not have to spend a fortune, because the brand's collections are designed so that most of the things are harmoniously combined with each other and you can easily create a new complete wardrobe, including evening, from several models, combining them in various variations.

Taking the first step

 How to set yourself up for good luck in the new year?

Give a woman a couple good shoes, and she will conquer the world! ”Said Marilyn Monroe. Making big plans start with small steps, like buying the right shoes. Well, is it possible to dream of a spontaneous trip to the Vienna Opera, a triumphant walk along the red carpet under the flash of spotlights, or a sudden acquaintance with the man of your dreams, if you are wearing worn-out sneakers and not a single pair of breathtaking shoes in your closet?!
< br /> You know that there are shoes of dreams, and there are those in which you follow your dream. In the winter collection of shoes from Lafayette Italy, the most chic, most comfortable and most daring shoes are collected, which can bear any dream, because beautiful, high-quality and truly comfortable shoes inspire. Inspiration becomes the source from which you can draw energy during all 12 months.

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