How to pay for the bus fare?

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 How to pay the bus fare correctly?

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The issue of traveling with invalid documents is one of the main problems currently facing public transport in Israel. And the sharp increase in the number of new immigrants who are not yet familiar with the fare system makes this problem more relevant than ever.
More than just a travel cardThe number of requests and complaints regarding “unfair” issued fines for ticketless travel, exceeds the figures of last year by several times. Passengers sometimes unknowingly do not complete the payment process, receive a fine and are forced to look for ways to dispute it or pay for this ignorance.
In addition, fare payment directly affects the planning and optimization of passenger transportation. The number of routes on the line at one time or another is based on bus occupancy reports. The more accurately the report reflects reality, the more convenient and comfortable travel by public transport becomes.
Paying the fareThere are several ways to pay for bus fares in Israel.
1. Using a RavKav card (you can top up the card at vending machines installed at central stations or using an application on your phone).
2. Using applications: &quot ;ha-Tahana”, “Mouvit”, “Rav-pass”, “Eniway” and "Hopon" (payment is made by scanning a QR code, which is located in the passenger compartment and on the door).
*Please note that if you use the app to pay, you will need to re-scan the code when transferring to another bus.
Pass validation: did not hear the signal – did not pay the fare Unlike payment via mobile application, when you just need to scan the code (the debit will occur at the end of the month from the card specified in the application), the RavKav card must be validated by attaching it to a special machine installed by the driver or in the passenger compartment of the bus.
In simple words, validation is activation travel card. The moment you swipe your card against the validator, if the validation is successful, the screen will turn green and you will hear the appropriate “BEEP” sound signal.
Without this confirmation, your fare remains unpaid!
Be careful, be sure to validate the pass immediately after boarding the bus and enjoy the ride.
Have a nice trip!
For more information about paying for the fare, visit the website of the Ministry of Transport:
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