How to pack many things in your hand Luggage: network spoke about a new way

Як упакувати багато речей в ручну поклажу: у мережі розповіли про новий спосіб

An anonymous traveler who travels a lot by plane and spoke about a way to pack all the necessary things in the bag size hand Luggage. Its a life skill she shared in the comments to the post on the portal Reddit.

So, according to the girl, she stopped to twist and to fold, as they crease and don’t fit in the suitcase. Instead, the tourist has invented his own technique.


“I put the first garment on the bed or floor, and then spread the next thing that returned to the previous angle of 90 degrees. Then I continue layering clothes in the same way”, – said the traveler.

She added that in the end puts on a pile of clothes in the center with underwear and socks, and then folds the corners that lie beneath them to the center and puts in this way in a suitcase. As said the traveler, this method works precisely because things are stacked perpendicular to each other.

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