How to overcome depression and changes in the interior

Как преодолеть депрессию изменениями в интерьере

Comfortable, cozy home heals all wounds, so it is important to create conditions that are treated

Happiness in small details. When there is a depression, we are really grasping at straws to forget about the problems and bad mood. A change of scenery in your home can greatly affect your health.

Edition Prevention notes that changes in the home will not cure clinical depression, but it certainly will help to overcome fatigue and depression.

1. “Get” houseplants

Vidana Prevention zaznacza scho SMI in box not wilcut clinco depresy, ale sure dopomozhut podolati wtamu I pregnet.

Как преодолеть депрессию изменениями в интерьере

It really will benefit your mental state. Studies have shown that even a simple walk in the fresh air reduces the feeling of despair, but if you live in the city, then be sure to put plants on the balcony or windowsill.

Plants not only improve the mood of his appearance, but the fact that secrete substances that reduce the level of stress and lead to normal blood pressure.

2. Hang the picture

The picturesque landscape or you just clear abstraction to delight the eye. The picture with the visualization of pleasant memories or dreams, have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

If you find such a thing difficult, can call the painter and ask him to write the fabric that will put you at ease.

3. Install home lightbox

Such a thing would be particularly useful for those suffering from autumn Blues. Lightbox is not only advertising light Board, it can be hung at home in the form of a lamp or picture, and the rays of the lightbox will provide the same type of light produces the sun without the ultraviolet.

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4. Add more colors

Adjust yourself to the positive, changing your colors in the house. This does not apply to repair and paint the walls, it can be simple change the color of your cushions and rugs. Be aware that warm colors evoke the feeling of happiness and optimism.

Refreshing, stimulating and positive tone, which motivates us to socialization and creativity is orange. Or its variations — peach, terracotta, pale apricot.

Как преодолеть депрессию изменениями в интерьере

5. Decorate with special items

No wonder the walls are often hung with family photos or posters of favorite rock bands, after all, such things give pleasant emotions. Therefore, in order to experience happiness, you need to fill the house with things that really breathes happiness.

We will remind, it became known that the consequences of fear.

As reported Politeka, psychologists call emotion, which badly destroys health.

Also Politeka wrote that stress triggers the body’s self-destruct mechanism.

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