How to overcome a toothache ? Useful tips

Toothache appears suddenly and usually not on time: attending physician does not accept, and to duty do not want to go.

Як перемогти зубний біль ? Корисні поради

If you have the desire to fight for tooth, what activities you can perform to ease symptoms and reduce complications? Cause of toothache – swelling, indicating the accumulation of damaged cells. The swelling can be inside and outside at once invisible. Most carries painful swelling in the space between the tooth and the periosteum. This industry accounts for the main burden in the process of chewing food. The accumulation of damaged cells is a consequence of the backlog of disposal from damage.

The cause of increased cell death may be the improper maintenance of dental health. Damaged cells are disposed of through the lymphatic system, and if she’s suddenly going to be overloaded again due to the addition of conditions: hypothermia, exhaustion and enhance the action of various damaging factors on the entire body, the disposal area of the tooth will be limited. The coincidence of these accidents leads to the accumulation of damaged cells in the area, usually one tooth. However, the reaction does not develop immediately, but only after the immune system recovers, and then he begins to react: it develops swelling and trying to speed up the utilization of previously accumulated dead cells. At this time, and there is pain.

In order to relieve the pain you need to reduce swelling. The swelling will not decrease until you have removed the accumulation of damaged cells. Therefore, you must do the following:

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Immediately stop for a few days to use protein food;

Regularly, after meals and 3-4 times a day to sanitize the oral cavity, in order to restrict the receipt of infection in the region of the accumulation of damaged cells. But with a disinfectant solution (for example, decoction of chamomile, chlorhexidine, etc.) do not rinse, but simply to gain in the mouth and allowed to stand for about tooth for several minutes, occasionally changing to “fresh”. The solution temperature is 36-38 degrees;

Teeth from the pain temporarily do not clean;

In cold seasons to provide warmth to feet;

To hold ferovan of the kidneys, liver and jaw by the method of “toothache”. When ferovan jaw single vibraphone set at its base, the second vibe is set on the neck in the middle and on the side where the tooth hurts, it helps to improve lymphatic drainage. The area of the patient’s teeth, the first 3 days not fanerujut. On the fourth day you can begin to tonirovany of the tooth, gradually increasing the time;

The first two nights recommended sleeping on a hard pillow and not more than 6 hours;

The first night it is recommended to Wake up in the middle of a dream and walk for about 30 minutes.

To accelerate take necessary mcrory low frequency in the area between the tooth root and the periosteum. This place is protected from the external micro-vibrations. The only way to send back a low frequency mikrovibratsiyu through the aching tooth. There are two ways, one simple, but very ugly to put on the teeth of the affected side of the jaw, the index finger and slightly press on it, the elbow should be at heart level and supported. The pressing force should be quite small – just enough to pass mikrovibratsiyu finger in the region of the tooth root. Naturally, the finger should be washed thoroughly, even better, wipe with alcohol. In this exotic location to be in for 1-2 minutes every 20 to 40 minutes. The second method is decent, but requires a piece of medical rubber with a thickness of 1-2 mm, a length of about 3 cm and a width of 0.6-1.0. It can be cut from a child’s nipples. Chewing gum for this purpose is not necessary – it does not have elastic properties and extinguishes mikrovibratsiyu. A piece of rubber disinfected and placed on the affected side of the jaw between the upper and lower teeth. The upper and lower teeth interlock with a slight effort. Mcrory from the muscles of the upper and lower jaw, transmitted to the region of the roots of teeth and helps to increase lymph drainage and, therefore, swelling of this area. Gum you can hold between your teeth for 5-10 minutes every hour during the day or to pass pain. After subsiding of pain this procedure must be repeated 3 times a day for the first week and 2 times a day for the second week for the best to remove damaged cells and toxins from the region of the tooth root. This exercise is useful to do and to prevent the occurrence of any special sensations in the region of a tooth.

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The effect of the above measures depends on the “problem tooth” and the resource of the whole organism. The pain may take a few hours, and maybe only for a second or even third day. After removing the swelling need to go to the dentist to treat the tooth if necessary. If accumulation of damaged cells get infected, then the measures may not be sufficient and pain until the third day did not subside. Then you need to go to the dentist without waiting for the decline of the swelling. Treatment of a tooth it is better to do after removing the main edema.

If the inflammation has occurred under the crown, the patient faces a choice – to remove the crown and look for a channel of infection or to try to cure a tooth. Consulting a dentist will help to make the right choice. If instead the crown is the bridge of choice due to economic considerations sometimes done in the direction of the treatment without removing the bridge. In this case, treatment should continue for three weeks.


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