How to order a children's Tinkoff card?

How to order a children's card & quot; Tinkoff & quot ;?

A debit card is a convenient financial assistant for different people in different situations. & quot; Tinkoff & quot; offers a large selection of such cards for any occasion. For example, one of the bank's best offers is Tinkoff Junior: a bank card for children under 14 and older can become an irreplaceable friend for you and your child.

How to get a Tinkoff children's card?

The Tinkoff Junior card is located in the “Bank” section – “Debit Cards”. For a complete list of offers, click on Show More Cards. This list contains a variety of cards, including free service debit cards. You can find a suitable card for yourself here if you need a good financial instrument for specific purposes: business, shopping, getting a salary, traveling, etc.

Tinkoff Junior is a free service card. To find out more about it, click on “ More about the map ''. Registration of the card does not take much time: click next to it on the button “ Issue card '' or fill out the application in the section with it – this way you can order a child card. Everything will take a few minutes. The application will be reviewed immediately, and the card will be delivered to your home shortly. Card issuance is fast, easy and free. The child's card is tied to the parent's card: if the parent does not have a Tinkoff card, he will be issued a Tinkoff Black free of charge and delivered along with the child's card.

Features and advantages of Tinkoff Junior

& quot; Tinkoff Junior & quot; more convenient than the usual pocket money. By purchasing this card, you get the following options:

  • The child will always have money. You can transfer the required amount to him at any time, which is especially important when you are not around and you need money urgently;
  • The child's card is controlled by the parent. Thanks to the link to the parent card “ Tinkoff Junior '' easily controlled by a senior. The parent sees all transactions on the child's card, can set restrictions on cash withdrawals and spending, send monetary rewards to the child;
  • The child develops financial literacy in an easy and convenient way. A personal manager will help you quickly figure out what works and how through a special chat. Through interesting comics, the child learns about the basics of financial literacy and learns how to properly manage his money. Convenient applications will simplify the work with the card;
  • The card accumulates additional money. This is due to cashbacks – refunds of a certain percentage for purchases back to the card. By collecting cashbacks from purchases, you accumulate a considerable amount, which you can then use as you wish.

Tinkoff Junior – a useful modern assistant for your child. If you like this card, you can easily get it on the official website of the bank.

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