How to make a million: smuggling cigarettes from Dubai to Tel Aviv

How to make a million: cigarette smuggling from Dubai to Tel Aviv

Every year the Israelis try to smuggle various goods into the country worth about one billion shekels. A significant part is intercepted by customs, but a lot ends up in the Israeli market.

Channel 12 of Israeli TV published a report on the “ new business opportunities '' that opened up after the establishment of official diplomatic ties with the UAE and against the background of growing the flow of Israeli tourists to Dubai.

The organizer of a large cigarette smuggling network, Roni, says that he pays his couriers 3 days at the hotel, gives out $ 300 for pocket expenses and pays another 3 thousand shekels after returning to Israel and smuggling cigarettes. On each trip of such a courier, Roni earns 25 thousand shekels. He says: “ They are enjoying a short vacation – and I make a little over a million shekels a month. ''

A pack of Marlboro in Israel costs 36 shekels, in Dubai – only seven. Unlike other sources of contraband, real, high-quality Marlboros are sold in Dubai.

In addition to cigarettes, Israelis import expensive alcohol – Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, Rami Marten. In one case, customs intercepted a crate of Glenfiddich whiskey, each bottle of which costs 190,000 shekels.

Also very popular is “gold” iPhone and iPhone 13. Due to the high cost of the iPhone in Israel, tourists earn 1500-2000 shekels on each smartphone. About 10 thousand iPhones 13 were smuggled into Israel during the year.

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