How to lose weight without dieting and sports: simple tips

Как похудеть без диет и спорта: простые советы

Do not self-medicate, expert advice is required.

To successfully lose weight, you do not need to starve, according to the experts in the field of beauty and health, says the with reference to Golos.Ua

Enough to know and put into practice a few simple tricks designed for dealing with an appetite. Their recently disclosed experts.

One of the clever tricks is to clean the teeth or rinse the mouth before eating. This procedure not only significantly reduces appetite, but also makes any food taste good, by reducing your calorie intake.

Significantly reduce the feeling of hunger herbal tea, coffee, warm water. However, nutritionists do not recommend too carried away with this method and not replace drinks a full meal.

Helps to fight the urge to eat something the extra sleep or the smell of spoiled food. Some experts even propose to disgust for food, taking up just cleaning the toilet or drain.

In order not to gain weight, you can satisfy your hunger at the expense of a bowl of soup.

While applying all these tricks to reduce appetite need to give up sweets and starchy foods, the only way to achieve tangible results in the issue of weight loss, say nutritionists.

Nutritionists have listed the habits that complicate weight loss

Do not self-medicate, expert advice is required.

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