How to live a life not knowing of diabetes

Как прожить жизнь, не зная диабета

Type two diabetes comes with age, as a result of poor diet and lifestyle

Diabetes is able to bring the person before the disability: in this disease it affects all the vessels of the body, disrupted the normal functioning of the tissues, and in severe cases gangrene develops, threatening amputation. How to prevent this disease?

To refuse from processed food. Industrial food production has an extremely high content of sugar and its synthetic analogues (even worse).

Как прожить жизнь, не зная диабета

It is the accumulation of glucose, enhancing its constant level in the blood and the development of resistance to insulin produced in response to the ingestion of food sources of sugar in the body, are the main trigger of the disease.

Doctors advise to eat more raw natural foods and as little as possible of sweets from the store. For relief of sweet cravings, it is helpful to eat something sour.

To give up foods with glycemic index above 35. The glycemic index is a measure of the speed with which carbohydrates from food are converted by the body in the process of digestion into glucose. The higher it is, the faster it releases glucose and increases blood sugar levels. Foods with a high glycemic index – any sweets, bread, dessert, muffin, white bread.

To sleep. Quality sleep is important for prevention of diabetes as well as sleep the body does not require a lot of glucose.

To improve your ability to handle stress. People who emotionally react to every little thing, more exposed to the passion for eating high-calorie and sugary foods. These foods cause increased insulin production, getting used to which is closely linked to development of diabetes.

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The best way to relieve stress is physical exercise, is confirmed by the data of a number of scientific studies. Do not have to hit the weights in the gym (although that helps too, proved), you can just walk, to do as much Jogging.

To consume enough protein. According to the Russian nutritionist Veronica Denisenkova, first and foremost, you need to eat foods rich content of vegetable protein in various beans and nuts.

Eat alkaline foods. Absorption helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. These include eggs, Turkey, rabbit, fish, and milk and dairy products.

Как прожить жизнь, не зная диабета

To drink more water. It also protects from condensation of blood due to sugar and overeating, which quickly develops insulin resistance.

Recall, common disease causes cancer, scientists have found who are at risk.

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