How to improve sleep, but these three simple ways

Как улучшить сон: названы три простых способов

Some people fall asleep in minutes and sleep well before the alarm. Unfortunately, only some.

According to who, from sleep disorders affects up to 45% of the world population. But there are three things that are guaranteed to change your night in a better way, reports the with reference to

Step 1: buy a new mattress

Experts say that mattresses require replacement after seven to eight years of use. Although it’s not the years: a visible sagging – a sign that the mattress did not fit and it’s time to go to the store for a new one.

Step 2: stop eating at night

Anyone who has ever indulged in a meal at midnight, knows that a late meal can ruin sleep. It is recommended to avoid “dates” with the fridge right before bed, and in the case of hunger is to eat light healthy snacks.

Step 3: no gadgets before bed

You probably know: night viewing messages in social networks is a big mistake. Gadgets can decrease the production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates sleep. In addition, during your immersion in the laptop the brain feels fully active. So 30 minutes before bedtime, it is better to read the book.

The doctors tell her who it is especially good to eat cranberries

It is known that people get used to the new 21 days. You will be enough this time for three simple steps.

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