How to get to work during the quarantine: the TOP 5 coolest vehicles

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

During quarantine, you should avoid public transport

During the quarantine, sharply reduced the number of Shuttle buses, trams, trolleybuses and other transport, which delivered us to work. If you struggle every day to get to the office – take care of your time and health and pay attention to our TOP vehicles.

In Ukraine extended quarantine until April 24, and it means that soon we will be back to normal for our lives. However, a number of companies are still working, and it means that people need to get to work. Of course, you can walk (but not always quickly and efficiently) or take a taxi (but then no salary will not). On this occasion, we decided to remind you about a cool alternative to public transport. It is likely that some of these options do you on the balcony and waiting for your finest hour. And we think that he has come!


The bike is now very difficult to surprise someone. However, this vehicle will not only quickly but also comfortably to get to work. Moreover, Cycling is an ideal option to maintain physical activity, which is lacking in all during the period of quarantine.

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

The best way to get to work on the bike

If you are ready to pedal – you can pay attention to bicycles with electric motor. They allow you to combine the flow of forces that enables to overcome much greater distance without much suffering. However, it is worth remembering that the electric bike is usually much harder, so there is every chance that raise it to the fifth floor – and even occasion.


If your house is extremely compact, and the vehicle must be compact. For example, can pay attention to the scooter. Thus, the same vehicle on which you have ripped a favorite yard in my childhood. Ideal option would be an electric skateboard.

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

On the scooter can ride and office clerks

Why an electric skateboard? First, the vehicle is compact. Unlike the Bicycle, it can be easy to bring with you to the office. Secondly, it allows you to quickly overcome decent distance. However, we must remember the power reserve to not have to carry the scooter themselves. Thirdly, you will be on trend, because more and more people around the world are transplanted to the Segways.


Can you be a true hipster, riding around town on a skateboard. The main thing to be most careful, because our sidewalks and roads are not so perfect, so the chances of finding 2 hryvnia is EXTREMELY high.

For real Chibirov there are models that have motors that allow no extra effort to move around the city. However, to exceed the speed limit, we strongly recommend you not to crash into the curb in his business suit. Regarding comfort, the skate can be fixed to a backpack and carry it when go don’t really have any force or road surface does not allow.

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

Skate, you can easily take with you

Life hack: leave your workplace skate to return home after work. However, its use must be those who have a working day ends when the light of day.


Whatever, and blisks is still insanely popular. It is not surprising, because it is another popular form of personal transport that allows you to quickly get around the city. In addition, owners monocots recognized that such a vehicle has a positive effect on the physical form. Very cool, if you consider the fact that not everyone is able to dedicate sufficient time to mobility during the working day.

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

The wheelbarrow allows you to maneuver quickly among pedestrians


Finally, we recall about scooters. Fortunately, the weather conditions allow you to drive through the city on their two-wheeled ponies and horses. The main thing to be most careful not to bump into someone from the couriers. And, by the way, in recent times it has become very, very much, which is not surprising.

Recall that for compact scooters need to have the rights of the category A1, and register the vehicle. Don’t forget about the helmet.

Як дістатися на роботу під час карантину: ТОП-5 крутих транспортних засобів

From the transport someone of your friends or acquaintances on a scooter or motorcycle we recommend you to refuse, because such trips involve extremely close contact. So take care and ride responsibly.

Take care of yourself and your health, but also remember that you need to avoid close contact with people. Do not forget to wash hands and comply with the quarantine, if you work from home 😉

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