How to get the broken key from the lock: life hack in the video

Як дістати зламаний ключ із замка: лайфхак у відео

If you have a broken key right in the lock, opening the door not only with tweezers. However, there are certain nuances. See a life hack on how to open the door with the broken lock.

In winter the problem of the broken keys is quite common, because of the cold mechanisms work worse. If you had this failure, you can try yourself to open the door. All you need is a lighter and glue the rods.

This unexpected decision shared by user SileeGoose platform Reddit.

Broke your key and don’t want to spend $100+ on a lock smith? from r/lifehacks

However, this tip works only if the key was in the neutral position. But still, the hack works much better than tweezers. If there is no hope, then you can always call to the master.

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