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 How to find working access to Parimatch bookmaker

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Parimatch bookmaker is one of the most recognizable in the post-Soviet space. The office was founded in Kyiv in 1994, and for almost thirty years of history has turned from a regional bookmaker into a major European holding company headquartered in Cyprus. The main site operates under an offshore license and accepts players from many countries for registration. Parimatch opened a number of regional offices, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Until recently, Parimatch was also present on the Russian market, but after the well-known February events of 2022, Parimatch management revoked the Russian license from Russians have the opportunity to access the offshore version of the Parimatch website through the site mirror (working link), which provides constant unhindered access to the resource.

Parimatch working mirror

As already mentioned, one of the most popular ways to bypass various kinds of restrictions is to use a working site mirror, which is an exact copy of the main site, with the only difference being that the site mirror is located at a different network address. This is the only difference. Since the site mirror is an exact copy of the original site, working on the site mirror is completely safe and reliable. In fact, the site mirror is just a shell that acts as a user's communication with the database located on the bookmaker's server.
However, certain security rules should be observed when searching for a working site mirror. Doing this with the help of search engines is not recommended, because of the high risk of getting to a phishing site, which can be disguised as the original site in order to steal personal data of gullible and inattentive users.
Therefore, it is more reliable to look for site mirrors from trusted sources. For example, by contacting the bookmaker's support service, you can get detailed instructions that will help solve the problem of finding a working site mirror.

Smart Bookmark

A bookmark that automatically looks for a working mirror of the site can be installed in your browser by visiting the “Access Problem” page; on the official website of the bookmaker. This is a very convenient and reliable way to find a new working site mirror if the old one has stopped working.

Telegram bot

The telegram bot @parimatchbetBot operates on the network, which can give the address of a working mirror of the site, as well as help contact support if the main site is unavailable. In the dialogue, you need to type any phrase, and start the bot, then enter the phrase “site mirror”. In response, the bot will return the current address of the site's working mirror.


Secure VPN channels have become very popular lately. They make the client's stay in the network absolutely anonymous. The only point that you need to know and consider when using VPN – the degree of its reliability, since the information passes through a third-party server. To be sure that there is no information leakage, you should give preference to paid and proven VPN services. The price is quite acceptable – about $10 a month or $70-80 for three years.
You should also be aware that work through VPN can occur through different IP addresses, this may cause questions for the administration of the office.

TOR browser

< br /> This is a free browser that anonymizes traffic and allows you to visit any site in incognito mode. The disadvantages of this method include slow operation and a specific interface.

Mobile application

A very convenient and reliable way to bypass various kinds of restrictions . All you need is to download the official mobile application and install it on your smartphone. For the Android system, the mobile application must be downloaded from the official website of the bookmaker, because the Google service does not host such software on its servers. For iOS systems, the application can be downloaded from the App Store.
Working with the mobile application is very convenient and has a number of significant advantages, since the application was originally developed to work through mobile devices.

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