How to find out the coefficient in the game Aviator

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 How to find the coefficient in the game Aviator

Popular in Kazakhstan among gambling lovers, Aviator is a slot made in the crash game genre. Aviator KZ was introduced to the public in 2020 and during its existence managed to gather a fan base around itself. In many ways, the popularity of the game is due to its exciting gameplay, colorful and unusual graphics, as well as the possibility of getting a big win.

Many fans of this slot want to find out if there are ways to find out the coefficient value in this game to increase chances of getting a big prize. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

Aviator slot description

The principle of operation of this slot is based on the need to choose the moment to stop the game in order to collect the bet. The gameplay is built on the fact that the plane starts flying and as it climbs its height, it increases the size of the player's bet coefficient. If the player does not have time to stop the game in time, then his bet will automatically burn out, and the plane will fly away.

Before playing Aviator in Kazakhstan, it is important to consider the following basic advantages of this slot machine:

  • Sophisticated and bright design.
  • Clear and simple interface.
  • High recoil value.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • The ability to communicate with other players using the built-in chat.

The advantage of the slot lies in its thoughtful and understandable interface. The game control panel is located directly under the main screen of the slot. It contains a set of several basic buttons responsible for placing a bet, withdrawing funds, and selecting the automatic game mode.

What is the essence and principles of playing Aviator?

This is a simple game, the essence of which even a complete beginner can quickly grasp. After launching the slot, an airplane appears on the screen. He begins to take off, and as he climbs, the player's bet odds increase. Therefore, the user's task is to collect their money before the plane takes off and leaves the field of view.

It is important to consider the following nuances before starting to place bets in Aviator:

  • The ability to make two bets at the same time.
  • After the plane takes off, the value of the player's bet multiplier will start to change on the game screen. The higher the plane flies, the higher the bet coefficient will automatically be.
  • If the player does not manage to collect the bet in time before the plane leaves, his bet will automatically burn out.

How to predict odds in Aviator?

Since Aviator is based on random number generator technology, the result of the game will depend on the player's luck, as well as on his greed. Therefore, not only players, but also online casinos themselves cannot influence the gameplay. This completely eliminates the possibility of predicting the exact value of the coefficient.

How to win at Aviator?

Although there are no methods to predict the value of the coefficient in this game, however, the following strategies can help players improve their chances of winning and minimize pot losses:

  • The first strategy, despite the complexity, is the most working and profitable. Also, it is not suitable for beginners as it is more geared towards experienced players. The user will first need to go to the history of bets and find out exactly when the coefficient fell from 100 and above. Next, you need to read off one hour from this moment and make two parallel bets with a coefficient of 40 and 100. Since approximately every 90 minutes a x100 multiplier drops out in the game, using the x40 coefficient will help keep the bank balance at a stable level. The second bet with x100 will make it possible to secure a serious win.
  • The second strategy is simpler and can be used even by beginners. It lies in the fact that the player should take the bet with a coefficient value from 1 to 1.5. at a distance, using this strategy will help the player stay in the black.
  • As for the third strategy, it lies in the fact that the size of one player's bet cannot exceed one percent of his game bank. Funds are withdrawn immediately after reaching a coefficient of 1.5. if the round was losing, then the next bet should be twice the previous one. If the player lost three times in a row, then he will need to take a ten-minute pause.

Thus, it is not worth wasting time and money on buying “secret” strategies, methods of programs that allow you to predict the coefficient of the game round in the Aviator slot. This is nothing more than a simple scam aimed at extorting money from gullible users. This slot machine works on the basis of a random number generator, which eliminates the possibility of interference in the gaming process by both the player and the casino. Therefore, the slot is fair.

To increase the probability of winning, it is enough to calculate the bank, not to play for all the money, try to take the winnings when the minimum multiplier is reached. Only a responsible and careful approach will minimize the likelihood of a bank merger and help increase the chances of winning.

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