How to escape from allergies in the flowering season

Как спастись от аллергии в сезон цветения

Started a dangerous season.

From late may to mid-July usually starts the season of flowering and fruiting plants. Many suffer seasonal allergies from the pollen of trees and grasses, reports the with reference to

If you notice Allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, pain in the eyes and watery eyes, you should take some measures:

It should be possible to avoid contact with the allergen — installed on Windows and vents on a special grid, wear sunglasses in the car to close Windows and use air-conditioning, baby carriage to protect mosquito net.

You must carefully observe hygiene measures, often ventilate the room and carry out wet cleaning.

After returning home from the street must change clothes, wash, rinse the nasal cavity. At least twice a day is necessary to take a shower or bath and to wash more often to the person not accumulate pollen, which carries the fluff.

During the exacerbation of allergies should stick to the diet, do not eat chocolate, eggs, shellfish and other potentially allergenic foods.

A number of products that can improve memory and brain function

Those who have already been seeing a allergist and know your diagnosis, we need to take the drugs that they are recommended by a physician.

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