How to entertain journalists: a video news sports amused the network

Як розважаються журналісти: відео з новинами спорту розвеселило мережу

Journalists also know how to have fun

Though journalism and is considered to be very responsible and serious profession, but we all sometimes need to relax. It is the time of entertainment on and became a highlight of one of the news releases. Check it out!

Platform Reddit user with the nickname lksk_ shared the epic video with sporting news, which immediately attracted the attention on the platform. Within hours, the entry was viewed more than 62 thousand people, and left more than 700 comments.

“People are fighting the disinfectant on the news of sport”, – stated in the description. Indeed, if the first time did you notice that leading is something strange, the second viewing brings at least a smile on my face. As the joke commentators, this newsroom sure is clean!

People fighting with hand sanitizers behind sport’s newscast from r/funny

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