How to deal with constant stress: simple tips

Как бороться с постоянным стрессом: простые советы

Nervous tension and state of stress lead to serious health problems

Constant tension has become the norm of modern life. Work, household responsibilities, education, family — these are just the main factors that can disturb our mental peace and balance.

Как бороться с постоянным стрессом: простые советы

A few tips on how to protect yourself from nervous tension and threats of breakdown

  1. Plan your working day
    “The main source of stress is sudden and urgent business at work. So it is important to plan and adhere to this schedule,” — says one of the founders of the social networking site Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It is better to make a real schedule on time. In this case, you will just be caught by surprise, so stress will be less.
  2. Drink tea
    Easy, but one of the most effective tips. Drink tea immediately after a new portion of a negative. By the way, different teas have different benefits. For example, green tea soothes Yerba mate — tones. Before going to sleep are advised to drink chamomile tea and mint.
  3. Don’t ignore the problem.Founder and CEO Amazon Jeff Bezos said that the best way of dealing with stress is preventing it. To effectively monitor status and warn of possible risks of sudden deadline will help the plans and the results made for the week and month.Как бороться с постоянным стрессом: простые советы
  4. Exercise
    This is indicated by all the doctors. Regular physical activity not only help to maintain good physical shape, but also to deal with stress — sports elevate mood and promote a good night’s sleep.
  5. Not accumulate stress
    It is better sometimes to give vent to emotions and allow yourself not to hold back the tears .According to a study published in the journal Motivation and Emotion, people who cried while watching a sad movie, at first I felt worse, and then — within 90 minutes — better than before viewing. Was that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, which are responsible for good mood and health. The accumulation of unpleasant emotions leads to a nervous breakdown, and many neuroses.

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