How to create a masterpiece

 How to create a masterpiece

What to give to people who “have everything”? Such a question can often be found today in various groups in social networks.

People are looking for expensive gifts. But it's not so much the price, but the uniqueness and value.

Imagine a book. Good book. For example, “The Master and Margarita” Bulkagov.

 How to create a masterpiece

Now imagine that it was served to you in a completely … no, not like that – in a perfect form. The very option when the form complements the content in the most elegant way. Binding, selected font, selected paper. Everything is handmade.

– I approach the creation of a book as a performance, – says Anatoly Zelberg. – The selection of the visual range and fonts is subject to the task of immersing the reader-viewer into the atmosphere of the work as much as possible. The binding of the book serves as a curtain behind which events unfold. For example, in Bulgakov's book “The Master and Margarita” I separated two lines of events: the events that took place in Moscow are highlighted in a separate volume, printed, as it were, on burnt paper in a handwritten font (“… manuscripts do not burn”) with a large number of old photographs of the places described in the novel, and the events in Yerushalayim filed in the form of scrolls (“…one person followed me and wrote down something”), where the font is stylized as ancient Greek, in which the apostles wrote. All this is placed in a common box.

– For me, it is more important that the design of the book reflects the era in which the author lived, the circumstances and the unique atmosphere of the work than the utilitarian purpose of the book.

Since all books are produced in an edition of no more than 50 copies, and each has its own number, they are certainly of particular interest to collectors.

Meet Anatoly Zelberg. A person who creates masterpieces.

When you just read “handmade leather gifts”, you hardly understand what's so amazing about it. Well, you never know who works with leather today.

Here you should not read this line. Here you need to look. To consider. Touch. Touch.

Hold and feel.

 How to create a masterpiece

art for over 30 years. Department of scenography and prop art of the theater school, searches, development of their author's techniques, exhibitions, again searches for non-standard solutions. . As a result of the fusion of fake techniques and the plastic properties of natural leather, the master managed to create unusual techniques that make it possible to produce very expressive, voluminous works.

Each one is special.

A person needs to surround himself with unique objects made by human hands. Things that keep the warmth of the hands and the energy of the master who made them. Original lamps, jugs and bottles trimmed with leather, chess, teapots and even a telephone can become a “highlight” your interior. Books in unique bindings with a unique texture and content make a great gift. Jewelry boxes, chests and boxes made of soft warm leather especially for you in a single copy, because many of them are simply impossible to repeat. It is pleasant to hold them in hands, to store in them little things dear to the heart, jewelry and photographs of loved ones. They easily fit into any interior, bringing the warmth and comfort of natural leather, unique style created by the hands of a master.

 How to create a masterpiece

The Leather Art Studio by Anatoly Zelberg was established in 1990 in Grodno (Belarus) and specializes in in the manufacture of exclusive books and handmade leather gifts. Today, the master has many students, whose works are adequately represented on the Russian and Belarusian markets. The products of the Master Berg studio, made by hand using original technologies, are a success in many countries of the world.

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