How to cope with the flu in the first hours of the disease: method for the military surgeon

Как справиться с гриппом в первые часы заболевания: метод военного хирурга

As the legend Soviet surgery treated infection

You should not consume a large amount of salt is understood by all. The interest for very salty foods is harmful to health, creates difficulties with water retention in the body. But to use salt as medical tools very appropriate.

Salt mix is able to clean the abscess, this solution was washed with nose and throat. What amazing things to be able to do table salt? This method is tested by the Soviet doctor by I. I. Weglowym, which was used for healing wounded soldiers during the Second world war. About it, said the nurse.

The stories of nurses, a surgeon with the help of a hypertensive solution of common salt was treated for serious wounds after 3-4 days longer to rot and become pink. High temperature when using this method fall. Deaths from Shcheglova almost was not.

Как справиться с гриппом в первые часы заболевания: метод военного хирурга

How is this possible? The fact that the saline solution absorbs liquid with pathogenic microflora, sucking all the impurities and cleanses the tissue. What are the rules for the use of saline dressings?

1) the Percentage of salt in the solution should be not more than 10 percent. Better less than more!

Bandage with a solution of higher concentration can lead to destruction of capillaries in the tissues in the region of overlap.

2) the Material used for wrapping should be air permeable (“breathable”). This is a required item! Use natural fabrics – linen or cotton, repeatedly used and not once washed.

If using cheesecloth, skladate it in 8 layers. Any of these materials – in 4 layers.

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3) the Action of saline dressings shall apply only to the area on which it is imposed.

4) This treatment can be quite lengthy – you will need at least a week in order to see the effect of the use of saline dressings.

5) the Solution while you apply the bandage needs to be quite hot. Squeeze the fabric medium – it should not be very dry and not very humid. Primenjuje her bandage or fasten it with a band-aid.

Как справиться с гриппом в первые часы заболевания: метод военного хирурга

If you have a runny nose or a headache, apply a circular bandage on his forehead and neck. It passes through 1-1,5 hours. For getting rid of headaches bandage better to hold until morning.

If you feel sick with cold or flu, immediately apply the method described above. If you missed the time, except for the bandage on his head will have to impose another one on the back (2 layers of wet and 2 layers of dry towels). Bandage leave overnight. Spend about 4-5 treatments.

Earlier we wrote about what is expected in Ukraine flu epidemic. Warn physicians, Ukrainians attack from three strains of the United States, Singapore and Colorado.

Will last threat of the season from October to may. During this period, the doctors recommend possible to take care of yourself and get vaccinated. You should not rely on garlic and onions. Doctors say that last year in Ukraine from complications of the flu transferred, seven people died, none of the patients had not been vaccinated.

We will remind, doctors have sounded the main rules of protection against influenza.

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