How to choose jewelry for a girl?

 How to choose jewelry for a girl?

This question is asked by both men and girls themselves. Are there any trends in 2022 – yes, of course there are.

Where to start?

And here is the good news: if you decide to give your girlfriend a piece of jewelry then it's definitely a win-win. But the question immediately begs: "What decoration to choose? And will she like it? Will it fit? "

Here are some tips on how to choose the right jewelry.

First, it's important to determine her preferences.

Pay attention to what jewelry she wears. It can be women's gold rings and bracelets, diamond earrings or women's gold chains. It is important to know which precious metal she prefers. If it's gold, what kind: white, yellow, red, pink?

Secondly, it is important to understand the preferred size.

Does she like small jewelry or catchy large ones? For example, a diamond ring for a woman is one of the TOP requests in 2022.

Next, the visual part of the product itself is important

Precious jewelry can emphasize advantages or hide flaws, place the right accents, emphasize beauty. Here it is better to contact a jewelry store, a professional consultant or stylist. Too difficult a question.

Now it's time to choose a color

Each color of gold has its own patterns. Red, pink, yellow gold will look great on warm skin, and white gold and silver, respectively, on cool skin. When choosing jewelry with stones, always focus on the color of the person's hair and eyes. Otherwise, you can buy a gold ring with precious stones for a woman and not guess with the choice.

“Gems of delicate pastel colors are suitable for blondes: blue, pink, purple. Brunettes – more saturated colors: bright red, blue, yellow. For girls with red hair, green and yellow stones are well suited”.

Now we select the content of the gift

Namely, we invest in our gift meaning. In this case, the girl feels the message that you convey in the form of jewelry.

It can be a pendant, heart-shaped earrings, as a declaration of love or jewelry with the first letter of her name, her zodiac sign, an engraving of a significant date or a phrase that is important for both of you.

Such a meaningful gift will evoke emotions and become a symbol for your girlfriend.

Of course, all advice is advisory. If you feel that you need to give this particular Moroccan bracelet – be sure to follow the call of your heart and everything will work out!

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