How to choose a monument for a grave for price/quality?

 How to choose a monument for a grave in terms of price/quality?

The culture of decorating graves has changed significantly over the past 20 years. Previously, the most popular way to decorate a burial place was to install a wooden cross and a simple rectangular flower garden; in rare cases, concrete monuments were erected on the graves. Marble monuments were erected only on the graves of noble people, artists or soldiers.

Today, things are different, and monuments made of granite have replaced wood, concrete and marble. Prices for monuments can differ significantly from store to store of funeral services. Therefore, today we will try to figure out how to choose a monument by price/quality, what material to give preference to, and most importantly, where to buy a good monument.

Types of monuments and materials for them

Installing a monument on a grave is a way for relatives and friends not only to express the bitterness of loss, but also to perpetuate the memory of the deceased for many years and decades.

Therefore, choosing a material for a product that will be installed on the grave, it is important to take into account all its main characteristics.

Types of materials for the manufacture of monuments:

1. Tree. It is mainly used for making crosses, which are installed on the grave directly on the day of the funeral. Unfortunately, wooden products are short-lived, because wood can start to be sharpened by insects, it is quickly exposed to the harmful effects of natural conditions and, accordingly, quickly becomes unusable;

2. Concrete. This material is very rarely used at the present time. And there are several reasons for this:

  • concrete quickly crumbles under the influence of moisture, frost or heat, which means that a concrete monument will last a maximum of 1-2 years;
  • prices for concrete monuments are quite high, due to the complexity of installing and manufacturing such products;
  • concrete is very quickly overgrown with climbing plants and moss, which does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Marble. The most expensive material for a monument. Marble is very beautiful and durable. But having a porous structure, it quickly loses its appearance, mold appears on it, as well as yellow or dark spots, which are very difficult to wash;

4. Granite. The leader among all known materials used for the manufacture of monuments and other decorative elements for graves. With proper processing, a granite monument will last 50 years or more. It does not require special care and is not affected by the environment. In addition, prices for granite monuments have a very wide range, which makes it easy to choose a monument for any budget.

 How to choose a monument for a grave for the price/quality?

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