How to change the ideal of feminine beauty in different periods of history (PHOTO)

Ideals of female beauty are constantly changing and what was considered a benchmark of 100, 50 and even 10 years ago, now would seem a monstrosity, not to mention the changing attitudes throughout history. Throughout all time women constantly changed their appearance and often rush to extremes from obesity to painful thinness in order to fit the ideal of a particular period of time. Standards of beauty will change forever, such is human nature, and what kind of shape will “fashion” in the next decade, we can only guess. Let’s start with the basics. In Ancient Egypt, reigned gender equality, society was liberated and free. But there was a very specific ideal of beauty of the era — a slender body with a long waist and narrow shoulders, long black hair, classic, simple facial features and expressive eyes, which were anointed with black paint.

Ancient Greece. The ideal of feminine beauty we can see in surviving ancient Greek sculptures,particularly in the sculpture of Aphrodite. At that time, actively promoted the idea of physical perfection, the Greeks even calculated the formula for the beauty of the female body,which is the ratio of the size of the feet, hands and other parts of the body to each other. The face of the Greek beauty was supposed to be symmetrical and smooth,with big eyes and a straight nose. The perfect type of figure was considered a “pear” with a small chest,but the bulk of the hips.

The beauty ideal of the middle Ages. In the middle ages the attitude towards appearance in comparison to the antiquity much has changed. The beauty of this period was considered sinful. But a certain Canon still existed. The beauty ideal of the middle Ages — a girl with very pale white skin, thin and gaunt. Oval oval face framed with blonde wavy hair. Mouth small, eyes large and slightly bulging. To achieve the pallor of girls not only rubbed his face with lemon, but did bloodletting. In the middle Ages, many also shave my eyebrows. So that the portraits of the beauties of those times look pretty strange.

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Baroque and Rococo. 17-18 century dictates new rules of female beauty. Is one of the main slim waist. An era of corsets, some girls manage to pull her waist up to 33 cm In this case in a couple of corset is always a very deep neckline. Beauty carefully guarded themselves from the sun, after all, in Vogue snow-white skin. Ladies Lacy patches resemble beautiful statues made of porcelain.

The Renaissance. Classic examples of the ideal of female beauty in the Renaissance the Mona Lisa and Botticelli. Still the same pale complexion and high forehead, but his expression becomes more mysterious, and her hair now freely laid. Lush the figure becomes one of the main values of this period. Full arms, wide hips, soft and smooth features — all this was appreciated in the Renaissance. As for the hair, the ideal was blond wavy hair.

19th century. Comes the time of the Empire style, which is distinguished by natural beauty. Girl should be slim, in a light dress of muslin, with big eyes and white skin. At the same time in the 19th century there was another direction — the lush dresses with tight corsets and sophisticated styling. And in fact, a different style in fashion was the so-called painful femininity: pallor, weakness, and fainting.

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20th century. This era gave us a lot of different ideals of female beauty. In 20-ies in Vogue androgynous appearance corset was forgotten, valued boyish figures with smaller Breasts and for the first time in a century women began to wear short haircuts.In 30-50-e, in the era of Golden Hollywood back into fashion femininity. The figure of the “sand clock” with a slim waist, big Breasts and oversized thighs, curvy styling with curls,long eyelashes, blush and red lips — the ideal of beauty of the era was Marilyn Monroe and other Actresses. In 60-e years the most popular model was Twiggy with her slim body, long legs and small Tits. In the 80s, the ideal was again different: in fashion came aerobics, as well as supermodel — tall, athletic and fit. By the 90 th ideal has shifted slightly in the other direction, in Vogue painful thinness and pallor.

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21. The contemporary ideal of beauty — the concept is quite complicated. Today valued health and a slender, but not anorexic thinness, as in 90-e years. Flat stomach, big Breasts and elastic ass are considered the perfect option. Which, as we know, is practically unheard of. Fortunately, more and more people are inclined to the idea of natural beauty in all its diversity. But in order to make this idea really became popular,it will take a lot of time.

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