How to celebrate New year 2020: dresses metallic color and jumpsuits

В чем встретить Новый год 2020: платья цвета металлик и комбинезоны

How to celebrate New year 2020: dresses metallic color and jumpsuits
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Photo: Instagram Of Gritsfeldt

Advice from designer Jean Gritsfeldt.

Before the New year is a week. And you haven’t chosen what to wear December 31? Designer and expert of “project Runway” on the New channel Jean gritsfeldt tells you how to meet the 2020. Listen Jean not bad advice.

Choose the color of the outfit

– When we choose a suit for celebrating the main night of the year, I always look at the symbol of the year coming, says Gritsfeldt. In 2020 white metal Rat. And in this lies a hint for all fashionistas who want to Shine in this new year’s eve.

Color is a focus – it’s white and hints of metallic. For example, white gold, silver, green metallic, beige gold. To set off these colors can be black, which accentuate the silhouette. Because I am interested in astrological subjects, I know that next year will be very active in the business and decision-making. Therefore, the color scheme are advised to choose a warm, strong, easy-going promotion. But with light tones need to be careful – don’t want the perfect dress has become your napkin, and left the footprints from everything that you ate and drank. Plus, if you choose a white outfit, pay attention to the color of your skin. If you have not been on holiday, bright dress will make you pale spot.

If you really have neither the time nor the energy to look metallic, then just pick a cool bright skirt of the above mentioned colours and pair with a black crop top. White Rat symbolizes luxury and confidence, while black was always the color of wealth.

Choose the style

– This night possible and necessary to focus on elegance. Alternatively, you can wear a full skirt and fitted top.

But you can still focus on sexuality and to choose a sufficiently slinky dress. This silhouette works perfectly with the metallic color. It will emphasize all your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Another option is an air light dress with flounces. But do not overdo the ruffles, so Christmas was not a wedding.

Or choose a Trouser suit or jumpsuit. And remember, that the trend flared.

Ban from Jean Gritsfeldt

– I would suggest not to do is not to wear a cascading dress. And outfits the style “mallet” – with a skirt, short in front and long in the back. It has long been out of fashion!


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