How to care for problem skin

Watch your diet and forget about the habit to touch face with hands

Як доглядати за проблемною шкірою

Distressed leather gives its owner a lot of trouble, often because she “encouraged” us surprises in the form of small pimples, blackheads and redness at the most inopportune moment – for example, on the eve of a date, birthday or important negotiations. Have to spend in front of a mirror sufficient time to at least visually, to eliminate the defects. How to improve skin condition and prevent the appearance of these “surprises”? It is important to remember that the greatest importance for the appearance of the skin are two factors: first, what we eat, and, second, does our skin adequate care. How can we help the skin to improve its condition?

1. Proper diet
In many respects the condition of our skin depends on what we eat, writes As a rule, negative influence pastry with a large amount of harmful fats, sweets and chocolate. With regard to useful products, these include rice, fish, citrus fruits, sauerkraut and natural dairy products. It is also recommended to consume foods that contains very useful for the skin vitamin E: cereals, legumes, nuts, sunflower oil. In addition, it is necessary to take complex vitamins and apply pharmaceutical liquid vitamins.

2. Careful selection of makeup
Careful selection of cosmetics, in particular decorative cosmetics. Especially pay attention to those means which are in contact with our face: Foundation, powder, blush, etc. Frequent use of Foundation clogs the pores, so that every day is better to limit a special Foundation or base makeup for oily skin and over it to apply a bit of powder. When shopping pay attention to the packaging: well, if it is marked “Not comedogenic”. This makeup has special ingredients which prevent contamination of the pores and skin inflammation. Don’t forget 2-3 times a week thoroughly clean brushes and sponges for makeup: wash them with soap and water, rinse and treat with an antibacterial agent.

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3. Minimal contact
Eliminate the habit of touching your face with your hands and even more to squeeze pimples! This not only will save your skin from rashes, but also increases the number of unpleasant surprises. Gently use a towel: after washing, do not RUB his face, but only gently blot it.

4. Cleansing

During the day the skin accumulates a large amount of dust, sweat and secretions of the sebaceous glands, so it needs thorough cleaning, because the dirt clogs the pores and creates favorable conditions for acne. The water temperature for washing shall not exceed 35 degrees. Use the special gel cleanser oily skin instead of soap – it is dry. Good option – with a special healing gel microparticles: they remove dead skin cells, deep clean pores and refresh the skin’s appearance. It is not necessary to wash more than twice a day: frequent washing promotes regular fat removal of the skin, which in turn can lead to a stronger highlight and acne.

5. Pores and drying
After cleansing the skin, it is recommended to use a shoulder pores lotion. It dries existing pimples, will give the face a smooth healthy complexion and eliminate unwanted selection of the glands. The lotion also fights against unwanted blackheads. Let the structure of your lotion include lemon juice, tea tree extract, or cucumber extract – these components are perfectly dried and disinfected.

6. Hydration and nutrition
Use a light moisturizer. While choosing, pay attention to the composition – let it includes white clay, which absorbs the remnants of fat, eliminating unwanted Shine and giving a matte finish. The cream should be light texture and is well absorbed. It is recommended to apply it with light massaging movements with the fingertips, patting lightly and driving the cream in the face. In addition, it is recommended that 1 or 2 times a week to do a special mask for the face. Clay is a very useful application – the clay perfectly cleanses and absorbs skin secretions. Pharmacy mix clay powder with cool water so that the mixture resembled a thick cream, apply on face, hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. To nourish the skin can use as a cream drugstore oil – almond, burdock oil, avocado oil and liquid vitamin E.

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