How to build a wall against Omicron

How to build a wall against Omicron

Journalist of the publication “ Makor Rishon '' Yair Kraus spoke about the plan to deal with the Omicron wave, developed by a group of experts appointed by the previous government.

At the head of the group is attorney Moran Leshem Bar, head of staff of the former Minister of Science and Technology Izhar Shaya.

Experts admit that it is impossible to stop the wave of Omicron, due to its extremely infectiousness. At the same time, they believe that the wave can be significantly “ smeared '' over time, thereby significantly reducing the peak workload on hospitals.

This can be achieved with relatively simple measures – reducing large crowds by 20%. This can lead to a 50% reduction in infections.

Experts say that & ldquo; play time & rdquo; & quot; Omicrona & quot; (the period in which the carrier of the virus can infect others) creates an opportunity for intervention and control over the infection rate. A decrease in the infection rate will lead to the fact that the wave of infections will be longer in time, which will allow not only to provide better quality care to a smaller number of seriously ill patients, but also to “ delay '' a wave for the spring when it does not coincide with the flu epidemic.

The expert report says: “ The current model, in which the government has come to terms with the epidemic, will cost the elderly and children a very high incidence. Hospitalizations will go far beyond the capacity of the healthcare system. All projections indicate that 5,000 people will be hospitalized within a month, which means a concentration of hospitalizations within one month – up from three during the previous waves. ”

“ Omicron ”; also poses a great danger to young children, unlike adults who are not protected by vaccinations.

The authors of the report propose to limit contacts of small children, as well as prevent large crowds, in order to prevent cases of mass infection.

Experts also call for a mandatory 3-day quarantine for people in contact with the infected. They propose to be exempted from quarantine after a negative antigen test carried out 72 hours after contact with an infected one.

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