How to behave on stage for a novice musician: useful recommendations

How to conduct yourself on stage for a novice musician: useful recommendations

No one will argue with the fact that speaking in front of an audience – it is always a mass of various emotions & ndash; ranging from joy and delight, ending with fear and excitement. Often the strictest critic with whom you directly communicate both before and after the concert is yourself. Of course, you can download music and meditate, but there are still options to help you cope with fear and anxiety.

  1. ask what is the cause of your nerves. As a rule, this can be anxiety that something will be wrong, or fear of condemnation from relatives and friends. Having decided on the cause of the panic, you can deal with it faster and easier for yourself. The main thing is not to forget that the rates are never as high as exclusively in our minds;
  2. on a mine, one can imagine that you performed poorly. However, it is important to understand that in fact there is nothing to worry about. Most likely, you will have another opportunity to speak out and rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of users. By the way, this way you can win even more respect for not giving up. It should be noted that modern citizens have minimal memory intervals, so they can forget about your failure much earlier than you yourself. So don't berate yourself, just enjoy the opportunity to share your art with the public. Perhaps someday your fans will choose to download a song with your voice.

Many aspiring musicians are increasingly interested in what to do just before going on stage? Of course, the advice is banal, but very effective & ndash; breathe. In addition to the fact that your body will be saturated with oxygen, breathing will have an extremely beneficial effect on the central nervous system. It is important to note that calmness is of the utmost importance to all musicians. If we talk about vocalists, this is the preservation of clear coordination and support, and for instrumentalists this quality is necessary for a stable and correct tempo. In the event that musicians are worried and nervous, most likely they will play faster than necessary. As for breathing practice, you can try lying on the floor. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to open the chest and relax the body. In the event that this is not possible, it is advisable to find some kind of calming activity. For example, knitting, playing on the PC, and so on.

The next thought that will provide an opportunity to silence your inner critic should be the following & ndash; think about what things do you regret the most? For example, it can be moments that you didn’t do or, on the contrary, did. If things aren't going well, remind yourself that there is another day to fix the problem. And when everything works out great, you will experience that special kind of satisfaction that comes only from overcoming difficulties.

If you are worried anyway, relax with new songs for free. The fact is that today there are professional portals offering download tracks of various genres. In addition, there is a search by filters, as well as a lot of other, no less interesting sections. New items are especially in demand, for example. For all questions related to downloads and other issues, it is important to consult with those who have knowledge and experience in the specified area.

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