How to become a successful florist

Floristry is an art, which brings into everyday life the brightness and freshness. Floristics is the science of beauty and its various expressions through flowers. In the end, flowers – it’s a lifestyle, harmony and lightness, mood and endless love…

Як стати успішним флористом

At all times, the flowers were widely used as ornaments, they decorated the house, scenes, outfits and hairstyles. The flowers are very symbolic and can clearly convey a variety of emotions. Flowers is what makes our life beautiful and to create beauty and harmony and called the florist.

The profession of a florist
Як стати успішним флористом

Florists is a modern “gardeners” who create beautiful flower arrangements and original jewelry and garlands for decoration of bouquets and decoration of the premises. To date, open to professional floristry courses that teach the basic skills of this profession. Basically, it’s private schools and companies, training which is conducted according to the current trends and developments in the field of floristry. At the state level is that such profession is not trained.

The responsibility of the florist includes the following services:
– preparation and implementation of bouquets and flower arrangements;
– design of interior design;
the decoration of shop Windows and commercial premises;
– decoration of Banquet halls, Convention centers and luxury apartments;
– care of potted and fresh cut flowers.

Success factors of the florist
To become a good florist, not just enough to finish professional courses. The florist is primarily a creative person who strives to perfect, like to experiment and make people happy. They say that a good florist is a calling, not a profession, so start learning is if you plan to literally “live” in this profession.

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As in any activity, to become a good florist, you need to practice a lot. The first is to take simple projects, e.g. building the usual bouquet, and later move on to more complex compositions.

Do not expect that after graduation you hands and feet will take in the prestigious floral salon. After you have completed the courses of floristry for beginners, try working as an assistant florist to “fill the hand”, accumulating clients.

Of course, the florist must have a good taste and understanding of the basics of combinatorics (which can combine).
An important factor in the success of the florist is the sociability. The ability to communicate with people will help the novice master to attract customers and turn them into loyal.

A good specialist should constantly follow the fashion news and trends in the field of floristry, so he could always surprise your customers.

And, of course, as any modern specialist who wants to realize himself, the florist needs to undergo regular refresher courses, attend seminars and workshops.

Florist is a profession in which they can realize themselves to the maximum – it all depends on you. If you feel a potential and an overwhelming desire to create floral masterpieces and make people happy, floristry courses is what you need.

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