How to beat high blood pressure over four months without drugs

Как победить гипертонию за четыре месяца без лекарств

Hypertension is a disease in which there is a stable increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure more than 130/90 units. This condition is very bad and spoils the life. However, as researchers found, if a strong desire, to get rid of the nightmare for the 4 months

It turned out that the lifestyle change may just four months to significantly improve health and help to lose weight.

Как победить гипертонию за четыре месяца без лекарств

Experts from the American heart Institute by experiment proved that lifestyle changes can significantly ease the condition of patients with high blood pressure. And, in just 16 weeks.

To participate in the experiment invited three groups of men and women aged 40 to 80 years. All of them were overweight and high blood pressure. This is pressure is greater than 130/80, there is a patient on a regular basis.

The researchers divided the subjects into groups randomly and each has developed specific recommendations. The first group went on a diet, contributes to the regulation of the pressure has been reduced the amount of salt, sweets and red meat. Also the first three times per week attended sports classes.

The second group adhered to a heart-healthy diet, but do not engage in sports, and the third group continued their usual lifestyle. All the subjects during the experiment stopped taking blood pressure meds.

After 16 weeks found that the patients from the first group managed to achieve excellent results — they lost weight and lowered their blood pressure. After the experiment, only 15% of participants from the first group began to take medication the rest now feel great without any pills. In other groups, significant positive changes were noted.

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Как победить гипертонию за четыре месяца без лекарств

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For example, the cause of the disease can be a sedentary lifestyle. When a person all day sitting at a computer at work or on the couch watching TV, the movement of blood through the blood vessels is complicated by the dramatically reduced. Increases the resistance of peripheral blood vessels, and blood pressure rises.

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