How to avoid a hangover: tips nutritionist

Як уникнути похмілля: поради дієтолога

What to do, that would not be a hangover
/ Still from the movie the Hangover

The celebration of the winter has already started, so you should be prepared for the consequences too much fun partying. Known nutritionist shared some tips on how to avoid a hangover and cheerfully to feel after a big party.

Nutritionist Carrie Torrents told about a simple but really effective ways not to suffer from poor health on the day after the happy holidays.

The first item in the preparation to the consumption of alcohol is a good meal. In no case can not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. But this does not mean that the salty snacks suit instead of a full meal. They only want more to drink.


Also, the celebrations should not be abused carbonated drinks, which speed up intoxication, but normal water is quite good to quench your thirst and help prevent dehydration. The nutritionist decided to remind of the fact that the whisky, brandy and other dark beverages often cause particularly severe hangover, so they also should not get involved.

If the situation got out of control, then the next day after the celebration it is important to restore fluid and electrolyte balance, drink plenty of water and eat simple foods.


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