How to achieve success in the course of the day: the doctor called the factors on which it depends

Как достичь успеха в течение дня: врач назвала факторы, от которых все зависит

Our success during the day depend on the health, mood and level of fatigue

There are days when I want to do the maximum number of cases, but there are days when it is difficult to perform something. Dietitian Catherine Pavlov called the factors that can increase or reduce work efficiency.

1. Sleep

It is important to respect the culture of sleep sleep from 22:00 -23: 00 to 07:00 PM — 8:00 (not more than).

If you are sleeping at this time, during the day to catch up will not work. Especially important for moms who get up at night several times. Sleep better with your child.

Despite this, the lack of sleep be as harmful as excessive sleep. If you sleep too long, you feel depressed and broken.

Как достичь успеха в течение дня: врач назвала факторы, от которых все зависит

2. Sweets in the morning

Breakfast should be complete. If you had cake in the morning will feel quite apathetic. Although the first half hour after the cake feels an emotional lift, it is long.

3. Excess caffeine

To drink coffee, but abuse is not. Approximate rule 2 mugs a day is known to all. But if you feel after coffee the excitement, then loss of strength — better give up this drink altogether.

Coffee gives us the energy surge through available reserves of the organism, then the energy is on the decline.

4. Sport

Better increase the performance of a light sport in the morning. Too intense exercise take energy.

5. Overeating in the evening

If you eat before bed, hard to digest foods, especially red meat, fatty meals — the performance the next day, not worth the wait.

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Как достичь успеха в течение дня: врач назвала факторы, от которых все зависит

6. Anemia

Just cause lethargy during the day may be anemic. If changes in diet and lifestyle did not help, the doctor advises to get a blood test to check hemoglobin.

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Fatigue and poor health can be caused by insomnia or frequent lack of sleep and constant processing. Fatigue that lasts a long time, is not the norm, the cause may be some kind of disease.

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