How the Jerusalem terrorist was found. Details

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 How the Jerusalem terrorist was found. Details

Two days after the November 23 attack, at the entrance to Jerusalem, the security forces and the police managed to restore part of the terrorist's escape route: Islam Faroukh, after planting the charges, fled on a scooter in the direction of Nahal Og in Miidbar Yehuda. There, his scooter broke down, and that was the last time he was seen on surveillance cameras.

From that moment on, an elite IDF unit specializing in desert exploration stepped in, and the fighters managed to find a cave in which Farukh hid additional explosive charges. In the same area, he threw away the clothes he was wearing on the day of the attack. In total, five charges were found in the terrorist's cave, which, as expected, were supposed to be used by him to carry out terrorist attacks.

The scooter used by the terrorist was bought in the Kfar Akev area. This important detail helped locate the terrorist, who returned to his daily activities after the attack until he was arrested. Today, December 27, a lawsuit was filed against him in the Jerusalem District Court. During the interrogation, Farukh confessed to his deed. He showed the security forces the laboratory where he made the explosives and the place where he hid the explosives. He also spoke about the reason that prompted him to carry out the attack: extremist Islamist ideology. Farukh did not express remorse for his deed.

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