How often a female orgasm turns out to be fake: study

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 How often female orgasm turns out to be fake: research

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On the eve of International Women's Day on March 8, Durex disrupted a football match screening in London by turning off the screen at the “climactic” moments to emphasize “gap in orgasm” between men and women.

According to a study, 20% of men claim that they always have an orgasm, compared to 5% of women. Interviewed women said they feel disappointed after sex – 22%, upset – 20%, while 11% say they don't feel anything because they're used to it.

Durex, in collaboration with sexologist Alix Fox, interrupted key moments of the match – from free-kicks to close-up goals, has tried to draw fans' attention to this issue.

“The Durex experience highlights the fact that women often experience less pleasure and less satisfaction during sex than men. The soccer stunt helped illustrate how women feel when it comes to orgasm during sex, and how devastating it can be when the game stops before they've had a chance to enjoy the moment, – Alix Fox says.

Another study found that 43% of sexually active women in the UK had to fake an orgasm compared to 32% of men. While 8% of women state that they fake an orgasm about half the time they have sex with a partner.
Half of the women cite not wanting to hurt their partner's feelings as the main reason for faking an orgasm, 40% said they did, to finally stop sexual contact.

One in five women and 23% of men say they feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual preferences with their partner. Another 6% of women and 4% of men said they would never talk about it.

“Durex wants to help people become free sexual individuals, and we hope that shedding light on this problem can begin conversation and bridge the gap. It was interesting to watch the reaction of men and women to our football trick, – Marcella Christophersen, senior brand manager at Durex, commented on the stunt.

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