How not to spoil relations in the pair during the quarantine

Як не зіпсувати стосунки в парі за час карантину

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Many couples have become, to put it mildly, wary of divorces during the quarantine, and, consequently, to turn to psychologists for advice.

According to experts, the first and most important is to accept the fact of what is happening. To realize that globally we can only affect personal safety and the safety of their children. At this stage it is also important to repeat himself (even every day) that it won’t last forever.

Second, if you still brewing conflict, psychologists recommend to share “I-messages” to avoid accusations of catalysts and other scandals. According to experts, the focus of your attention should be solely on your feelings and their pronunciation.

Thirdly, since you’re already at home, you can try to disclose the General talents and possibly capture, which still can not reach the hands.

Fourth, according to experts, it is important to give each other more space and time for solitude. A Deposit of emotional health in personal space as it gives the option to restart thoughts and give some rest to the body.

Fifthbut not least, romance. If you want love, you can romantic candlelight dinner arranged. Just imagine what a positive impact it will leave your relationship!

Як не зіпсувати стосунки в парі за час карантину

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