How not to harm the health, decided to train in the gym

Как не навредить здоровью, решив заниматься в зале

Almost all beginners who are starting to visit the gym make the same mistakes that harm their health and does not produce results

Many people who choose to engage in physical activity, make the same mistakes. Tell you what, and how to avoid them.

In pursuit of a desirable figure, many are beginning to go to the gym or the fitness center every day. This is the most frequent error, which eventually leads to the fact that the person throws or classes, or just bring yourself to physical exhaustion.

Как не навредить здоровью, решив заниматься в зале

Remember that you must strike a balance between workouts and proper nutrition. In order to have athletic figure, it is enough to exercise three times a week.

Another common mistake is a lesson without a professional trainer. Coach definitely necessary for everyone in the beginning, in order to meet the proper technique of the exercise and do not hurt yourself in the process of training. About 10 sessions with a coach would be enough, then you should switch to self-employment.

Don’t neglect the warm-up before training. This is a very important part of the session, because your muscles and joints need to prepare for the upcoming physical stress. Easy to workout the muscles will become more flexible and joints – mobile. This will allow you to avoid injuries.

Finally, don’t debilitate yourself diets. For sports person requires energy, otherwise the body will begin to burn its own muscle. You must follow a proper diet, but in any case not to starve or sit on a strict diet.

We will add, earlier we wrote how to get back to life after training and everything you need to know about delayed onset muscle soreness.

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Как не навредить здоровью, решив заниматься в зале

Between workouts or sudden, large load can affect health the next morning. But not to worry because these symptoms are normal after intense exercise – especially if the muscles have not been appropriately prepared for it. However, these symptoms can greatly complicate life.

We will remind, scientists have discovered matter how much sleep an evening training session.

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