How not to fall into the trap of the fungus and how to get out of it healthy?

How not to fall into the trap of the fungus and how to get out of it healthy?

According to statistics, one in five at least once in his life is faced with a fungal disease of the nails. Today, more than 1 billion people worldwide are infected with a fungal infection, and more than 10 million new cases are recorded each year. With age, the risk increases, so you need to be on the lookout so as not to become infected with the fungus imperceptibly lurking in wait for the victim.

In order not to fall into the trap of this little dirty trick, let's look at the reasons for its appearance and draw a conclusion on how to protect ourselves. And also remember some useful tips for preventing the disease.

Not the most obvious, but common reason & ndash; uncomfortable tight shoes. When her sock presses on her fingers, the nail plate peels off and a void forms between the nail and the skin underneath, in which bacteria can accumulate and develop fungus. Even if you are a hobbyist or a lover of narrow toe shoes, it is better to put fashion on the back burner and not take risks.

The choice of footwear for sports, especially running, is also a very responsible matter. With active movement, the foot rests on the toe and the sneakers constantly press on the nails, which leads to microtrauma and the same effect. Train only in sports shoes that fit freely on your feet, preferring sneakers made from natural breathable materials.

Shoes in which the foot sweats, of course, also a favorable environment for the development of foot fungus or toenails. Try to keep your feet dry and clean. Wash your feet often, take care of your feet and nails, and to keep your feet from sweating, you can treat them with drying agents or antiperspirants.

Trim your nails in a timely manner, under them a favorable environment is created for the development of the fungus. The nail plate should not protrude beyond the edge of the toe.

You should also take care of your shoes, regularly disinfect them and dry them thoroughly. And remember to wear clean socks every day.
People who visit public pools, saunas, showers in gyms also step on the “ slippery '' the territory where the fungus loves to live. Therefore, you should think about protection in advance. Wear flip-flops or closed-toe slips when out in public. Remember to bring your own personal towel. And an extremely unfortunate idea is to put on someone else's shoes.

Another risk group is beautiful ladies. Prolonged use of not too high-quality gel polish can cause onycholysis, and as a result, fungus on the nails. Gel polish creates a closed space between the nail plate and the coating, where fungal infections develop successfully.

Therefore, when choosing a manicure and pedicure master, find out what means he uses, whether they are well-known companies, whether they have a certificate; notice how the instruments are sterilized. And best of all, if he only uses one-time tools.

 How not to fall into the trap of the fungus and how to get out of it healthy?

These tips will help you avoid the appearance of fungus.

But if you have already encountered this disease, do not hesitate and worry. The most important thing is not to trigger the problem. Taking care of your health is not a shame!

Anyone can get sick – almost every fifth adult inhabitant of the planet is faced with this problem. You shouldn't feel guilty; this is not at all a sign of dishonesty or wrong behavior. There is and cannot be anything shameful in an infectious disease & ndash; even with all the precautions, everyone has a risk of contracting it. The main thing & ndash; take action and start the correct treatment as soon as possible.
Recently, a new generation of drops for the treatment of diseases of the nail plate PROVEN has appeared on the Israeli market.

This drug is able to defeat all types of fungus , onycholysis, other nail diseases and foot eczema. Proven drops do not just mask the problem, but solve it completely.

Based on natural ingredients, drops contain components such as jojoba and tea tree oil, vitamin E, eucalyptus oil. The formula also includes menthol, which normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and absorbs excess sebum, reduces irritation and redness, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Tea tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic, it normalizes the oiliness of the skin, relieves it of local inflammatory processes. Eucalyptus oil promotes the natural renewal of skin cells, giving it a healthy look.
The drug is easy to use and suitable for everyone, regardless of age and health status, including pregnant and lactating women, as well as those with diabetes.
< br /> After passing many dermatological and hypoallergenic tests, Proven drops have been approved by the Diabetes Association and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The product has been clinically tested in the renowned international network of J.S. Hamilton, specializing in microbiological and chemical research in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals. As a result of the research, PROVEN drops have received the official mark “ Clinically Tested. ''

No animal trials have been carried out during the development and testing of the product.
The drops are produced in Jerusalem under the strictest control, in accordance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization ISO and with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approval. GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, & mdash; international standard that defines the requirements for the release of medicinal products. GMP standards & mdash; these are not just wishes for production, but strict requirements. By using medicines or products from GMP certified companies, you can be sure of your health.

Anyone who buys Proven drops can come to any of the yullia beauty salons and receive the first procedure and training for use free of charge funds.
Still in doubt about the effectiveness of the drug? Proven has an amazing ideology, the core of which is the desire to help people. Therefore, if the remedy does not help you, your money will be returned to you. 100% of the amount! Of course, if you follow all the recommendations for use.
You can learn more about the drug, purchase it and familiarize yourself with the conditions for a possible refund on the company's website in Russian

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