How my life changed after switching to IQOS: the experience of the journalist

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста

For the past months almost all of my colleagues moved on IQOS. I remained a believer and was skeptical about this technology stuff. And at one point I realized that I had left with traditional cigarettes himself. So now I decided to try IQOS. Read what came of it.

Every Friday my colleagues and I are going after work in our favorite pub, where there is table football, cool music and good drinks. No party is not complete without smoke breaks, which we discussed fierce matches and remembered different jokes. One night something went wrong.

After a tense match I called my “teammate” on a smoke break. However, he refused because switched on IQOS. And since the school was IQOS friendly (places in which you can use IQOS just in the room)to go outside in the cold and rain, he had no desire. I understood it, but could not get angry with the fact that he was the penultimate in our small company who refused conventional cigarettes. I think you have guessed who were the most hidebound skeptic.

My “experience” of the smoker (not exactly ardent, but a half packs a day) is more than 11 years (to count the number of cigarettes smoked does not even want), and during this time I faced with different trends, which were zilch. At first I thought IQOS another device, a trend which will pass and everything will return to normal cigarettes.

In the end, I never liked hookah, didn’t understand the fascination with e-cigarettes and had an unsuccessful attempt to switch to vaping. Perhaps that is why IQOS and I initially were very skeptical. Only then I realized that in vain.

IQOS is different than from cigarettes

IQOS technology is based on heating tobacco. To help you understand (and I for all 11 years, never thought of that!), during the traditional Smoking tobacco and paper in cigarette burning at temperatures above 800°C (tip of the cigarette). But IQOS does not burn, but only heats the tobacco up to 300-350°C, which allows you to free up tobacco flavor and nicotine without burning the tobacco. Accordingly, we possumus of smoke and ash.

According to the manufacturer, when using IQOS is allocated 95% less harmful substances, than when Smoking, which makes the device much less harmful alternative to cigarettes. However, it is understood (and the manufacturer stresses this) that IQOS is not a way to quit Smoking because the device heats the natural tobacco, which contains nicotine. And nicotine is addictive.

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста


Despite the fact that the device is an electronic device, suggest not to compare IQOS electronic cigarettes or vaping. He differs from them not only on principle but also feel. Primarily because aicos works with natural tobacco. A e-cigarette and VAPE heat and vaporize a special liquid with nicotine (“swill” as it is called Viipuri).

Not only that, mess around with different bottles and laser very uncomfortable, and even feel completely different from traditional Smoking. But with IQOS will be no steam curtains, no weird taste, because the feelings and even views it as like a normal cigarette.

From unpacking to care: why I chose IQOS 3 DUO

The brand offers a choice of three devices – IQOS 2.4 Plus 3 Multi IQOS and IQOS 3 DUO. I stopped at the latest model, because it is the last and, respectively, neprocitana of all. During the presentation of the device konsultantka long (but not tedious talked about all the chips use the device, explaining how, what, where and how much.

Supplied IQOS includes:

  • the device itself;
  • USB cable with power supply;
  • the cleaning tool;
  • wand for cleaning;
  • manual.

IQOS 3 DUO consists of a holder for stick and charger, in which the holder is recharged between sessions. Inside of the holder includes a ceramic blade that heats the tobacco. The main features of the model IQOS 3 DUO – use two in a row without recharging between sessions, smart battery, the function of rapid charging, shock-resistant casing and a NFC chip for fast connection with a smartphone.

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста

IQOS 3 DUO / Photo:

So, the first attempt to use IQOS: pull out the holder and turn it on, holding the button until the light vibrations; then insert the stick exactly to the silver mark. Following the vibration at 10-15 seconds signals that the tobacco is heated and you can get going.

Life hack that I told friends to “feast” on the nicotine to do long pauses between puffs.

When the session ended (for 2 tightening until the end of the session, the device vibrates again), you need to get used to the flow, and gently pull the cap. Interestingly, IQOS retains the usual smoker’s ritual that makes the process really is similar to Smoking. Each session lasts 6 minutes or 14 puffslike a cigarette. Even holder with stcom visually resembles a cigarette.

I must say that the first few days with IQOS me it was quite unusual. The taste is really different. There is the bitterness of the smoke like cigarettes, to which I was accustomed (in truth, I still have “sinned” a cigarette, it was). Tobacco spray, which evaporates when you use the device, much easier than tobacco smoke. I caught myself thinking that the aroma of it at first reminded me of warmed bread.

Each tightening I put a lot of effort to get more familiar bitterness. However, after three days, during which time I did give up cigarettes, I used to IQOS. In the end, the taste quality depends on the selected sticks: I started with more classical HEETS Bronze, and then moved on to menthol HEETS Turquoise.

After using bundles of sticks (there are 20 pieces) main unit should be put on charge. It is better to use “native” power supply, and then it will take two hours. Clean IQOS special tool – a matter of minutes.

By the way, appearance can change with your own color preferences using the detachable accessory – panel and side panels. Wife advised not to be a Downer and try to combine different colors in one device. And I am conservative – I like my classic blue IQOS. However, the opportunity to “dress” your device color mood, of course, refers to the advantages.

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста


What are the pros I felt after switching to IQOS

First, I hizouse in front of colleagues that I IQOS 3 DUO – and this is the newest model that you can use two sticks in a row without recharging. In contrast, owners of IQOS 2.4 Plus with him you have to wait pjatachke after each session, 4-5 minutes. And soon this “privilege” will disappear, because the friends gradually upgrade their devices to “shoot” another session in those who have a newer model.

And seriously, the benefits are many and they are really cool. First of all, finally the smell’s gone, who accompanied me everywhere. Clothes, hair and, most importantly, the palm is already not with the acrid smoke. Only now I realized how much others hate to be around the person who returned from “cigarette” break.

Now I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, so I sincerely apologize and my wife and friends are non-smokers, and all the characters interviews and just random people who would become my victims.

Another advantage is that the use of IQOS can be anywhere. For me as a driver is very convenient to make a “smoke break” in traffic. Previously I did not allow myself to smoke in the car, because it was dangerous, and unpleasant even for me, and not just for passengers. Now I quietly get the device in the car and allow myself to relax a little. Therefore, even tube less annoying.

Of course, it is convenient that many institutions IQOS-friendly, so you do not strain and do not go outside especially when there is bad weather. During the quarantine, all perfect to use IQOS: early home I very rarely smoked cigarettes, because even from the balcony the smell got into the apartment. Had to go down to the yard, and now you can and air out. The same situation at work: to get to the Smoking room must forever (or rather 5 floors without lift) and IQOS, you can use the balcony, it saves time and nerves.

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста


IQOS 3 DUO I have more than a month, and though I didn’t believe another word for it, but now he was convinced that my health really improved. I started to feel the flavors and was shocked how tasty is the food. And again I can distinguish odors, because earlier all smelled the same – like cigarettes. In the morning I doesn’t reach an annoying cough, which always seemed suspicious to me.

In short, life without smoke, ash and smell of burning tobacco I like a lot more than all of this. Already a month I do not buy and do not smoke cigarettes. And I’m not going to return to them.


In my opinion, the main drawback of the device is its price, because IQOS 3 DUO is 1999 hryvnia, which is still a lot. However, I decided for myself that my health and wellbeing is priceless, so this one-time spending is justified. Here everyone chooses their own priorities.

Not sure this is a drawback, however, I did not smoke less. During the day I use the same half a pack – but not the cigarettes, and stick. In the end, I had no purpose to quit, I just wanted to find a more comfortable and healthier alternative. And I did it.

Як змінилось моє життя після переходу на IQOS: досвід журналіста


Author: Alexander Stasiuk

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