How much is the most expensive rented apartment in Israel

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 How much is the most expensive rental apartment in Israel

Oranim Group specializes in the construction and sale of luxury housing.

Oranim claims that there is a layer of very wealthy clients, ready to rent unique penthouses for really crazy money. We are talking about rich people who married a second time and do not want to think about a possible procedure for dividing property, or who want to leave an inheritance in cash, not real estate.

Such clients are ready to pay for apartments worth one hundred million shekels 1 million shekels of rent per year.

The group rents out apartments for sale that don't yet have a buyer to the super-rich at prices starting at 50,000 shekels per month.

According to Portal Yad2, the number of apartments renting over NIS 20,000 per month increased from 680 in 2021 to 1,090 in 2022.

Apartments renting NIS 50,000 per month or more make up 7% of the luxury apartment market in Tel Aviv.

This year, 12 apartments were rented out in Tel Aviv, the monthly rent of which is 100,000 shekels and more.

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