How much is patriotism worth? Published the fees of the participants of the marathon “For Russia”

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 How much does patriotism cost? Fees of marathon participants

From April to early May, Za Rossii was held in the Russian regions, during which artists of the Russian Federation earned large fees.

The BBC service reports that the state spent almost 100 million rubles on this marathon. The largest fee was taken by Sergey Galanin's group "Earring" – 10.5 million. It is worth noting that he stated that the state should only help “patriotic cultural figures.”

“Unity is important because there are many people who want to split our society by misinforming it. Therefore, it is important for us to stay together, to go towards the same goal. And this goal is the security of our country,” he announced on May 1 from the stage of the Ekaterinburg Arena. Sergey Karyakin, race car driver and member of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region, at the free concert “For Russia”.

Similar events swept through more than 30 Russian cities, and journalists from federal channels trumpeted that the purpose of the action was “to support the Russian military who are participating in a special operation in Ukraine.” 34 performers (groups or solo artists) took part in the marathon, among which 95.3 million rubles were distributed.

Each performance program was held under the patriotic slogans: “We do not abandon our own”, “Victory is ours” ;, "For you, Motherland".

The BBC service has established that the state customer of the marathon “For Russia” was Rosconcert – the center of the Ministry of Culture, which organizes tours and concerts of Russian artists. The institution paid for concerts with a subsidy from the federal budget.

It is worth noting that such organized actions were not without scandals. The brightest "problem" was the performance of Sergei Lazarev in Lipetsk at the concert "For Russia". In the early days of the Russian invasion, the singer posted a black square on his Instagram, which was a symbol of those who disagreed with the Kremlin's actions.

"A week ago, my son woke up at night in tears! When I asked what happened, my 7-year-old son replied, “Dad, I'm afraid of war.” I answered: “Sunny, don't worry, calm down, there will be no war.” And now the real war has begun! What are you doing? I'm crying like a boy myself now! Because zadolbalo that the powers that be continue to measure their strength and weapons! Please stop everyone! Together! Say “Stop!” Sit down at the negotiating table! – Lazarev wrote in the publication, which he later deleted.

The singer was supposed to perform in April in Lipetsk, as reported by the regional governor Igor Artamonov in his Telegram channel. The public was clearly taken aback by this news, as their idol spoke out against a military invasion of Ukraine.

The day before the marathon, Lazarev was replaced by Baskov, but they didn’t have time to change the poster.

The BBC service provided a table showing how much the artists earned for their patriotism.

 How much does patriotism cost? Marathon participants' fees published &quot ;For Russia"

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