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 How much did Philip Kirkorov's abs cost Philip Kirkorov

At the end of December, the 55-year-old singer admitted that he had a tummy tuck performed by the surgeon Timur Khaidarov, who made “abs” blogger Davout and corrected the bust of producer Yana Rudkovskaya. At the same time, Philip did not deny that other parts of his stellar body were also changed.

“What have I done? I did everything!”, – said Kirkorov. ”I don't hesitate to thank people who make me beautiful and happy. Today it is simply indecent not to have your own plastic surgeon, psychologist, trainer.

“I am lucky: I have professionals who take care of my appearance. Dava advised me a surgeon, I went and did it. We are men, we are not ashamed to tell everything as it is. Of course, there are a little less cubes on my press than Dava's, but nevertheless…”, – shared by the singer

At the January corporate party in Dubai, the built Philip not only demonstrated a new press, but even changed his eye color, trying on blue lenses. According to the surgeon Timur Khaidarov, who operated on Kirkorov at the end of December, the artist lost 12 kilos. And by the spring, by his birthday, he will surprise us more than once with the metamorphoses of his appearance.

In the meantime, it is clear that, in addition to tummy tuck, the singer also corrected his face. Fans noticed this when the rejuvenated singer posted on his social networks fresh photos from Christmas gatherings with friends. Even the shape of the eyebrows has changed, the oval of the face has become clearer.

According to experts, Kirkorov spent about three million rubles (almost $44,000) on his rejuvenation.

“Tummy tuck with relocation of the navel and suturing of the rectus muscles costs 650 thousand rubles”, – beauty expert and Lucky Group brand ambassador Irina Kovalevich told. ”But since there is modeling of sports cubes on the press, then add another 800 thousand rubles for torsoplasty. Anesthesia in clinics is usually paid separately. This is another 40 thousand rubles for each intervention. As for the face, there most likely was a surgical correction of drooping eyebrows. Such an operation costs about 150 thousand rubles. Well, apparently, it was not without circular blepharoplasty, which costs about 200 thousand rubles in a clinic of this level”.

To all this, we should add the cost of surgical correction of atrophy of the skin of the face and neck with SMAS elements, Philip spent at least 350 thousand rubles on this. Almost the same amount was spent on the operation, which helped get rid of the second chin. Injections of fillers, drugs that modeled the singer's new Mongolian cheekbones, cost about 100 thousand rubles.

“Changed beyond recognition!”, – this is how fans of Philip Kirkorov commented on his new look.

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