How much did the Israelis pay for the treatment of the terrorist Nasser Abu Hamid

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 How much did the Israelis pay for the treatment of terrorist Nasser Abu Hamid< /p>

Convicted terrorist killer Nasser Abu Hamid, who died last week of terminal cancer, was being treated in an Israeli hospital, and his treatment cost a lot of money to Israeli taxpayers.

Abu Hamid's cancer treatment cost more than 150,000 shekels. This was stated by Dr. Osnat Lev Zion Korakh, director of the hospital where the terrorist was treated.

According to the doctor, the terrorist was treated for about a year not only with standard chemotherapy, but also with the most expensive and advanced immunotherapy protocols.

Responding to claims by the Palestinian side that Abu Hamid was the victim of “deliberate medical malpractice,” Dr. Lev Zion Korach said that the medical treatment provided in the prison was also excellent, and that the prison doctors were in constant contact with their hospital colleagues.

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