How many women unhappy with the size of their Breasts: an interesting study

Скільки жінок незадоволені розміром своїх грудей: цікаве дослідження

More than half of women are dissatisfied with the size of their Breasts

A worldwide survey shows that most women want to have perfect Breasts. This can not only cause the disorder of perception of body image, but to complicate the prevention of cancer. Find out how many of the fair half of mankind are dissatisfied with their breast size.

An international team of researchers published data in the journal Body Image. The results of the study are: the world , almost half of women (48%) would like to have a bigger breast size; nearly a quarter (23%) would give preference to smaller breast size, but every third woman is happy with her Breasts.

For the study polled more than 18 500 women in 40 countries. The average age was 34 years. In Germany almost four hundred interviewed: 54% would like to have a big chest, 20% – to reduce them, and 26% are satisfied with the size.

“To counter widespread dissatisfaction with breast size necessary social and political initiatives that “questioning Patriarchal structures that tie the value of women to their appearance”, – quotes the researchers edition of Focus.

Researchers are concerned that women who were dissatisfied with the breast size, indicated that they feel less changes in breast tissue.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer that kills women worldwide, and the low survival rates associated with low awareness on the topic of breast cancer, says the first author of the Virus Swami from the University of Anglia Ruskin in the UK.

Скільки жінок незадоволені розміром своїх грудей: цікаве дослідження

Dissatisfaction with breast size does not allow women to reveal certain changes

Ideas about the ideal size of the mammary glands differ from country to country. Women in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon and the UK have identified a perfect chest as the largest in international comparison. In Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Austria, and Malaysia Breasts are relatively smaller in size was considered desirable.

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