How many members of the Arab sector speak Hebrew – statistics

How many representatives of the Arab sector speak Hebrew & ndash; statistics

In Israel, Hebrew is spoken by 47% of the Arab population on the “ average '' or & quot; almost zero & quot; level.

This is evidenced by a report from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In the survey, 53% of respondents from the Arab sector rated their Hebrew as “good” or “ very good. '' By comparison, 91% of the Jewish population gave the same assessment.

There were also gender differences in language proficiency in the Arab sector. 66% of men said they were fluent in Hebrew, while 41% of women said so.

Only 8% of Arab men “ speak '' or & quot; understand & quot; Hebrew for weak to almost zero level. For women, this figure was 25%. The differences are especially visible among the elderly. 46% of Arabs aged 65 and over cannot read or write Hebrew, and 30% of this age group do not speak Hebrew.

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