How many Israelis own more than one house?

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 How many Israelis own more than one house?

Just 20 years ago, in 2003, less than 60,000 Israelis, 3.2% of Israeli families, owned two or more houses, and even they tended to , received additional houses by inheritance. Today, the number of people who own at least two houses is almost six times higher, which is 13% of Israeli households, or 348,717 people, according to data provided by the Israel Tax Authority.

The homeowner lobby in Israel is getting stronger and more influential. All offers "not in favor" landlords entering the Treasury are hitting a wall of rejection.

It's not just that landlords represent 13% of Israeli households, a significant portion of the electorate who won't be at all happy that the state puts its hand in their pockets. They represent a much higher proportion in circles around the government, close to those who make the relevant decisions, and influence them, over and over again convincing them to leave them alone.

The Ministry of Finance identifies investors only if if they own at least two houses. But the skyrocketing apartment prices over the past fifteen years and the lottery method for subsidized houses has led people to buy apartments where they can or where they have won, not where they would like to live. In this regard, a huge market of investors and landlords has opened up, acting quietly.

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