How many Dynamo earned for performance in Europe: a known amount of the prize

Скільки заробило Динамо за виступ у єврокубках: відома сума призових

Prize-Winning Dynamo
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Dynamo Kiev finished in the Europa League, finishing third in the group and not getting a spot in the playoffs. The failure of Kiev shocked the fans and players on the team. We decided to focus on the positive and counted how many earned the “white-blue”.

According to tribuna, during the performance in the Europa League Dynamo earned approximately 9.25 million euros per season. So, participation in the playoffs of qualification of League of Champions in Kiev has brought the club a fixed sum of 5 million euros. But the fact of participation in the group stage of the Europa League team of Alexei Mikhailichenko paid 2.92 million Euro.

In the group stage Dinamo won once (570 thousand euros) and four draws (190 thousand euros each). Together Kiev in matches LE earned 1.33 million euros. Additionally, they will also receive a payout from UEFA on the basis of the ranking of clubs at the end of the season, calculated from the results of the matches for 10 years. Now Dinamo is on 30th place in the ranking.

Another payment of the club provided for the television rights, but the amount will be known following the tournament.

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