How is the bombing in Yemen connected to Islamic Jihad?

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 How is the explosion in Yemen related to Islamic Jihad?

Early Monday morning, August 8, shortly after the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement was reached, in Gaza, an explosion rocked the city of Sana'a in Yemen.

Although the conflict in Gaza and the explosion in Yemen are not likely to have a direct connection, the site where the explosion occurred may be connected to an Iranian unit that works closely with both the Yemeni Houthis and Islamic Jihad, according to Ronen Solomon, an independent Israeli intelligence analyst who writes the Intelli Times blog. , where the Houthis have warehouses and manufacturing facilities for missiles. According to the Saudi Al-Arabiya news network, the explosion occurred while the missile was being transported. A second followed.

The explosions killed six Iranian and Lebanese missile specialists and dozens of Houthis, Al-Arabiya reported. This is explained by the fact that the missile manufacturing facility where the explosion occurred is associated with the 340 Al-Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The 340 Al-Quds Force is a technical department whose tasks include research and development, as well as the transfer of experience and equipment to groups such as Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement; and the Houthis.

According to information published by VS Quds, a website notorious for leaking information about Iran's activities in the Middle East and beyond, the unit specializes in training Iranian-backed groups on how to manufacture missiles and drones.

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