How is organic coffee different from regular coffee?

 How organic coffee differs from regular coffee

Relatively recently, such a product as organic coffee has appeared on store shelves. Its composition is considered safe, since the grains for its preparation are obtained through organic farming. Read below about the benefits of such a drink, and how exactly it differs from regular coffee.

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No harmful chemicals!

Coffee is quite in demand product all over the world, so its manufacturers are trying to constantly increase the volume of supplies. In order to increase the yield, synthetic fertilizers and chemical plant protection products are used against pests, the harmful components of which get into the composition of the grains.

Unlike standard methods, organic farming technologies do not involve the use of aggressive chemical compounds. Maintaining soil fertility and protecting plants from pests is carried out using natural mechanisms, as a result of which the harvested crop is environmentally friendly. Such grains are harvested by hand, taking into account the degree of their ripening. The packaging, storage and transportation of organic coffee is also subject to increased requirements.

What trees are organic coffee beans harvested from?

Organic coffee beans are harvested from the same types of trees as regular ones (Robusta and Arabica). BUT! In this case, the trees grow in small groves, under the canopy, which ensures slower ripening, during which the grains are enriched with useful substances as much as possible.

Typically, the manufacturer indicates on the package which trees were harvested from (for example, HG – high-growing, SHG – especially high-growing, and so on).

About the pros and cons

Like any other product, organic coffee has its advantages and disadvantages. An extended aging period provides an organic product with a number of positive characteristics:

  • the absence of substances harmful to the body;
  • an increased concentration of caffeine, due to which there is an increase in efficiency and an improvement in mood;
  • < li>the maximum level of aromatic oils, due to which coffee acquires a deep, rich taste;

  • the presence of a large amount of antioxidants, as a result of which the product acquires a rejuvenating effect, reduces the risk of developing cancer and increases stress resistance.
  • ul> BUT! Too much caffeine is also a disadvantage. Excessive consumption of organic coffee can lead to sleep disturbance and problems in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

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