How is Hana Zagorová? As exchanged, Štefan Margita rejoices!

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How is Hana Zagorová? As exchanged, Štefan Margita rejoices!

Of course, the closely monitored health condition of the famous singer Hana Zagorová is of most interest to Štefan Margita. And he let it be heard that it was like being exchanged! It is said that the old Hana Zagorová, whom we all love, has returned!

Zagorova was recently hospitalized because she has been battling postcovide syndrome since the summer. Not much information has appeared since then, although fans know that her health is not the best.

And for some time now. After all, the singer must have disappointed some of them when she did not sing the planned concerts, but she explained it by saying that the environment on the stage is not the best for her at the moment.

Fortunately, there is good news! According to Margita, she is doing better, so maybe we can rest. “He’s a completely exchanged man, he’s old Hana Zagorová,” he said for CNN Prima News, which certainly pleased many fans.

Postcovide syndrome is one of the reasons why people should be vaccinated against this disease. It can last for up to several months and cause, for example, fatigue, coughing or more serious complications.

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