How Dzhigan's wife earned a billion rubles

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 How Djigan's wife earned a billion rubles

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Recently, Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova celebrated a second wedding after 10 years of marriage. For this event, where 150 people were invited, the couple spent about 25 million rubles. Renting a hall decorated with a thousand mites, three bridal outfits, treats, a multi-tiered cake: the couple did not skimp on all these attributes. To impress the guests and millions of viewers who watched the party online, the rapper and his wife gave away large sums. Creativity brings the performer a good income.

So, for corporate parties, Djigan takes at least two million rubles. Oksana owns a nanny recruitment agency, she also has another business— cosmetology clinic. In addition, the blogger sells women's clothing, and has recently been developing her own cosmetic brand. Sales are going well, and over the past year, Dzhigan's wife has earned about one billion rubles.

Dzhigan and Samoilova spend money on pleasures, travel, luxury items and cars. The singer received from his wife a foreign car for 36 million rubles as a gift. The family rests in the best hotels; they celebrated the last New Year in France. Dzhigan and Oksana have not yet acquired their own house, but for now they rent a four-story mansion for three million rubles a month.

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